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About payments

Question: What are my payment options ?
Answer: We accept:
1) All popular cards: Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners (details...)
2) PayPal.

Question: Can I pay by DEBIT cards?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Will I be charged automatically after my membership finishes?
Answer: No, we do not perform automatic rebills or future payments. We leave it upto you to renew your membership.

Question: How will your transaction appear in my card statement?
Answer: It will appear as "2CO* Red Square media

Question: What currencies do you accept?
Answer: - If you pay by card online, we accept: US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Euro, Danish crones, Norwegian crones, Swedish crones, British pounds, Japanese yens and Swiss francs.

Question: I've paid but can't send messages. What should I do?
Answer: - Please check your mail. If you have a " Sales Receipt" e-mail from our billing provider 2CheckOut (2CO), please send us your Order Number. We'll check your payment and upgrade your account.

- If you do not have a " Sales Receipt" e-mail from our billing provider 2CheckOut (2CO), it means that your payment was incorrect and you should remake your payment via this page.

Question: Can I pay after my contacting with a lady (or ladies)?
Answer: No, you cannot. First you have to acquire our Gold membership. Then you are allowed to write unlimited number of letters to any ladies and open ladies messages from our site and chat online.

About your profile

Question: How can I become a Gold member?
Answer: Follow the "Join Now" button, fill out the form and add Your profile to database. Please record Your personal profile code and password. You will need this info to edit Your profile.

Question: How to upload my photos?
Answer: Use this page for that.
Question: How to edit preview of my photos?
Answer: Please use Edit preview link at this page.
Question: I can't find my profile. Why?
Answer:Please logout first before your searches. Please use a more detailed search and "Sort Profiles By" option at search results page.
Question: I deleted my profile by mistake. How to reactivate it?
Answer: Please create a new profile as usual. If you had a paid membership let us know about it, we'll reactivate this feature as well.
Question: How can I delete my profile?
Answer: Please use "Delete your profile" link at your account page under your photo.
Question : How can I hide my profile?
Answer: Just delete your photos, and your profile will be invisible.

About e-mails and messages:

Question: I have sent several letters but no replies. What I do wrong?
Answer: Please make sure that you have completed your profile and uploaded your photos. When a lady receives a letter from you (we attach a link to your profile on our site to your letter), she would like to know more about you and see your photos. With photos your chances to receive positive replies are much greater. Do this small thing and guarantee your chances for positive reply. You can complete your profile and upload your photos through your account page.

Question: I received a message but I can't find it at my mail page. Why?
Answer: We have 2 types of messages: flirts and private messages. We do not store flirt messages, however you may see users who flirted you at this page. All your private messages are stored at your mail page.

Question: I do not see some user at my mail page. Where is it?
Answer: This user has deleted his profile and mails.

Question: How to unsubscribe from your news?
Answer: Option 1: Please click at appropriate link in news e-mail. Find this text: "To unsubscribe from news, just follow this link".
Option 2: Please go to this page and unselect appropriate checkbox at the bottom of this page.

About login and password:

Question: I have forgotten my password!
Answer: Please follow the link "Forgot Password". Enter Your email and press "Send" button. Your ID and password will be send to Your e-mail address. Please note that Your e-mail address must match the address You entered in Your profile settings, due to security reasons.

Question:I am unable to login, but I use the right e-mail and password. Why?
Answer: - Please setup Internet Security settings of your browser on middle level.
Menu: Tools>>Internet Options>>Security, select medium level and click at OK button. Please try to login now.

- If you still can't login please check cookies setting at your browser. They must be in Enabled mode. (Information About Cookies on
- If you use other security or ad blockers programs please put our site at their white list.


Question: What should I know about SCAM?
- If some user has sent you:
(1) a request for money for the Internet, correspondence, translations, visa, tickets, etc.(Russian Women SCAM) or

(2) a suspicious offer from some African person (Nigerian SCAM)

Please ignore this message and contact us immediately, we'll delete this user.

- Please read an article about Russian Women SCAM.

- Please check this sites to find out more about Nigerian SCAM letters:

Question: Why do most ladies in your site have university or institute education?
Answer: It will be clear if you think carefully about what categories of women use the Internet. They are mainly the ones who have access to it at work, educational institutions, or home. According to statistics their ages ranges from 18 to 39 years. These women are usually students, office and banks employees, accountants, and lectures, i.e. well educated people.

Please use our "Contact Us" form to contact customer support.