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About Russia :- 800 square miles (17,075,400 square kilometers), is the world's largest country, which covers almost twice the territory of either the United States or Australia. It ranks sixth in the world in population, following China, India, the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil. The great majority of the people are Russians, but there are also about 70 smaller national groups living within its borders. Most of the population is concentrated in a great triangle in the western, or European, part of the country, although over the past three centuries - and particularly during the early and mid-20th century - there was a steady flow of people eastward to the Asiatic section commonly referred to as Siberia.

Capital city – Moscow(Kremlin) :- the Russian State itself, the Kremlin (literally 'fortified town') is a walled fortress dating back to the city's founding in 1147 (although the oldest extant walls and churches date from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries). It was the seat of government for the grand princes and tsars from 1276 to 1712 and for the Communist government from 1918 to the present. The red-brick walls and towers enclose a number of churches and palaces and, once past the soviet-era Palace of Congresses.Red Square, where St Basils Cathedral, lenins Mausoleum, the kremlin walls and GUM department store stand magnificently juxtaposed

National currency - Russian rouble (1 rouble = 100 kopecks)
Population on p- over 145.7 million people (estimate 1999)
Languages - Russian (official), with over 100 other languages and dialects
Education - 99% literacy
Religion - Russian Orthodox, Islamic, Judaic, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhism, other

Moscow- The city that never sleeps :- Europe, and having more casinos than any other capital city in the world, life does not start till the early hours. For those who like to party you will find some of the best and most extravagant clubs in Europe.The city is huge, surreal and exciting, after a few weeks here the bizarre becomes normal and you realize that life is as the Russians say- bespredal (without limits) Limousines cruise past babushki whose monthly pensions wouldn’t cover the cost of admission to a night club.

Moscow Metro, The largest metro in the world, carrying more commuters per day than London and Paris put together oscows showcase metro stations are the most decorous in the world. Styles range from High Stalinist to ballroom glitz, and are a tourist attractiothemselves originally used by the Russian Empire. The red, white and blue stripes stood for the union of Russia, Belorussia (Belarus), and Ukraine. When the USSR dissolved the Russian Federation readopted the imperial Russian flag even though the other two members have now become independent states.

Russian architecture, art, museums :- Visitors to Moscow will find some of the most famous art galleries in the world, the world famous Bolshoy ballet, along with other museums and galleries to world standards.

Places of interest :-

The Hermitage Museum
All you need to know about the most famous museum in the world. This is their official website, available in English and Russian. Has excellent updates on exhibitions currently visiting, and offers a good guide to how one can fit as much of the museum as possible into as little time as possible.
Alexander Palace Time Machine ( npage.html)
Via a distinguished bit of web design, at this site created by Bob Atchison, you are taken on a tour of Russian palaces and given access to biographies, diaries and all sorts of Romanov memorabilia. (
Guide to hundreds of museums and galleries in Russia. Includes news, virtual tours, contact details, and interactive maps.
Fabergù Easter Eggs (
The precious Easter Eggs created for the Russian Imperial Family by the famous Russian jeweler Karl Faberge take the particular place among other items of his collection.

Russian Public Holidays

  • 1 January :
  • 7 January :
  • 8 March :
  • 1 May :
  • 9 May :
  • 12 June :
  • 7 October :
  • New Years Day
  • Orthodox Christmas
  • International Women's Day
  • International Labor Day
  • Victory Day
  • Russian Independence Day
  • Constitution Day

Basic Russian Phrases

  • Yes :
  • No :
  • Please :
  • Thank you :
  • What is your name? :
  • How are you? :
  • I (don't) understand :
  • Hello :
  • Goodbye :
  • How much does it cost? :
  • Where is? :
  • Dah
  • Nyehtt
  • Pazhalsta
  • Spahseebah
  • Kahk vaz zavoot?
  • Kahk dyela?
  • ya (neh) pahneemahyu
  • Zdrñstvuitye
  • Do svidanya
  • Skolka stoyit?
  • Gdey?
  • Entrance :
  • Exit :
  • Open :
  • Closed :
  • Toilets :
  • Tomorrow :
  • Today :
  • One :
  • Two :
  • Three :
  • One Hundred :
  • Vxot
  • Vixot
  • Atkrity
  • Zakrity
  • Tualets
  • Zavtra
  • Sivay an
  • Adeen
  • Dva
  • Tri
  • Sto ( Fine selection of Russia related sites, find any information about Russian language, literature, arts, search engines, business, education, travel, religion, sports, etc... .

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Russian dolls known the world over

Mega Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Europe and includes a huge Auchan hypermarket, skating rink, cinema, food court and hundreds of Russian and Western retail outlets including Zara, Mango, and Mexx.

Forget New York or Paris! Moscow has some of the newest and largest shopping malls in Europe